19 October 2017
G NZ Documentary
1 hour 28 mins

No Ordinary Sheila

If you haven’t already heard of Sheila Natusch, prepare to be inspired. The life story of this nonagenarian natural historian, illustrator and writer is a beautiful, truly Antipodean journey, made with love by her cousin and long-time Kiwi filmmaker, Hugh Macdonald (This is New Zealand).

Viewers will love this radiant, defiant and unconventional life story which ranges from the southern wilds to the rugged Wellington coastline, where Sheila still lived until very recently, without car, TV, lipstick or alcohol, planning to “get the last bit of fun out of life that there is.


Screening Times

  • Thursday 19 Oct10:40am, 5:50pm
  • Friday 20 Oct10:40am, 5:50pm
  • Saturday 21 Oct1:10pm, 5:50pm
  • Sunday 22 Oct1:10pm, 5:50pm
  • Monday 23 Oct1:10pm, 5:50pm
  • Tuesday 24 Oct1:10pm, 5:50pm
  • Wednesday 25 Oct10:40am, 5:50pm