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1 Hour 45 Minutes

The Music of Silence

Born with a serious eye condition that eventually leads to his blindness, Bocelli nevertheless rises above the challenges, driven by great ambitions towards his passion. The silent pursuit of his daily mission continues.


Screening Times

  • Tuesday 20 Feb10:40am, 1:10pm, 5:40pm, 8:10pm
  • Wednesday 21 Feb10:40am, 1:10pm, 5:40pm, 8:10pm
  • Thursday 22 Feb12:50pm, 3:20pm, 8:10pm
  • Friday 23 Feb12:50pm, 3:20pm, 8:10pm
  • Saturday 24 Feb3:20pm, 8:10pm
  • Sunday 25 Feb3:20pm, 8:10pm
  • Monday 26 Feb10:40am, 3:20pm, 8:10pm
  • Tuesday 27 Feb12:50pm, 3:20pm, 8:10pm
  • Wednesday 28 Feb12:50pm, 3:20pm, 8:10pm